Serving the Energy Industry with Customized and Patented Blending Optimization Solutions

  • With more than 20 years experience, Texon is the leader in diversified patented blending technology.
  • Texon’s turn-key systems accurately blend lighter hydrocarbons into heavier hydrocarbons to capture commodity pricing arbitrage while achieving highly accurate, tightly controlled, and closely monitored post-blend specifications.
  • Texon’s in-line blending system blends a wide variety of hydrocarbon products including condensate, diluent, natural gasoline, butane, propane, and gasoline using its Technology Based Blending systems.
  • Texon is committed to creating win/win NGL blending solutions by serving the unmet needs of the energy industry through exploring new opportunities and uses for the industry’s most sophisticated Technology Based Blending solutions.
  • Texon's internationally patented system is designed for use in pipelines, depots, terminals, marine docks, and truck loading racks. Texon's design specifications meet all industry Safety and regulatory requirements.

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